Friday, April 18, 2014

{SNEAK PREVIEW} Madam Chino Spring/Summer 2014 RUNWAY and WEB Releases!

We've been working really hard every day to bring together our new collection so that we can share it with you ON THE RUNWAY on Monday April 21st, and ON THE WEB on Thursday May 1st at 6pm CTS! Madam Chino is in it's 11th year creating sustainable fashion from reworked fabrics and we've got a lot to be proud of! Here is a sneak peek of our studio progress, swiped from our INSTAGRAM FEED so follow us there as well!

Our T-Shirt Drive went great and we have received much new fabric to convert into garments from our local friends. This photo is about 1/3 of what we received in our 2 day drive, with many promises of follow up donations. Madam Chino is consistently taking donations of used T-Shirts in MKE, WI. Please contact to set up a drop-off/pick-up appt.

One of our newest designs for spring summer "The Backless Tulip Tank" is already available at MKE's newest and best place for indie-sourced designs THIRD COAST STYLE
These backless "Tulip Tanks" are now available pre web release in #mke at @thirdcoaststyle #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #recycle #tshirts
See our Desert Story with Sarah Caron in the "Tulip Tank" HERE

One of many new patterns, the Sweetheart Peplum Bustier is one of our favorites. Patterned from scratch, we do several tests before we are satisfied with the form and fit.
Sweetheart Peplum Bustier

One of many new designs, this is a new T-shirt construction using a V-yoke from the shoulders and a circle bodice from two T-shirts that comes together at the V.

Ribbon clamps are our favorite Spring fastener. Here is a close up of some of the braided work we are doing, trapping braids in the clamps for necklaces, earrings, bracelets.
Inverting #tshirt hems into tiny tubes that are braided and conjoined with #ribbonclamps for new accessories, available with our May 1st webshop update.  Stay tuned!

This year's version of our one-of-a-kind Men's Hoodies, sold exclusively in person at the LOOK NOOK Traveling Showcase, incorporates sweaters and sweater ribbings to our usual hoody design for a sharper more interesting look! You'll have to wait to see them on the runway, because these won't be available on the web immediately.
#bananachips, j/k, #handmade #woodenbuttons

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{LEARN TO SEW} with Madam Chino

Are you interested in learning to sew and/or improve your pattern-making skills? Do you have unfinished sewing projects that would benefit from consultation and a new eye? Are you interested in altering your own clothes to fit? How about doing your own repairs, creating your own patterns, or marketing your work?

Sign up for sewing classes at the UWM Craft Centre, bring your started projects, clothing to alter or swap, inspirations and ideas to develop! With two 2-session back-to-back workshops it's easy to pick what's right for you!

Students are encouraged to show upcycled/recycled work during the Earth Day Runway Event at the UWM Union Concourse on Monday April 21st 2014 in celebration of Earth Week on Campus! See the PRESS RELEASE HERE

Class listings are described below, for a full list of Craft Centre Courses, and sign up info for the

Fibers I: Sewing 101, Tips and Tricks
Date: Monday & Tuesday, April 7 & 8
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Beginning sewing for more than just beginners! Learn important sewing vocabulary, and the tips and tricks for efficient snipping and stitching. Create and reverse narrow strips without a hanger! Get even pleats without doing math! Get to know your household machine; use the many available machine feet to create various edgings, use it to sew on buttons and buttonholes, zippers, and to do professional looking hemming with ease. Create samples in addition to a lined satchel that applies these skills to take home.
Instructor: Vanessa Andrew
UWM Students/members: $25 Faculty, staff, alumni: $35 Community members: $45

Fibers I: Fashion Pattern Making
Date: Monday & Tuesday, April 14& 15
Time: 5:30pm – 8:00pm
Learn the basics of pattern making to create form-fitting patterns based on your own measurements! Apply anthropometrics to draft flat patterns that use simple graphing in addition to special darting techniques to bring 2-D into 3-D. Create a block pattern for future use and appropriation, and test it out on a stretch knit garment. Use draping techniques on a dress form to add-on to your item. Study your favorite garments and swipe patterns to recreate them!
Instructor: Vanessa Andrew
UWM Students/members: $25 Faculty, staff, alumni: $35 Community members: $45

{UWMilwaukee NO-SWEAT SEWING! (tm)} With Madam Chino!
{NO-SWEAT SEWING! (tm)} UWM Studio Arts and Craft Centre


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

{MADAM CHINO in the DESERT} Sara Caron in our new "Tulip Tank"

MADAM CHINO goes to the Desert!

MADAM CHINO goes to the Desert!



MADAM CHINO goes to the Desert!

Madam Chino creates sustainable fashion from 100% recycled T-shirts.
The "Tulip Tank" will be available this May in a variety of colors at
Model: Sara Caron

Friday, March 28, 2014

PRESS RELEASE: 9th Annual {EARTH DAY RUNWAY} with Madam Chino and Friends

The 9th Annual “EARTH DAY RUNWAY” with Madam Chino and Friends at the UWM Union Concourse on Monday April 21st at High Noon!~

Contact: Vanessa Devaki Andrew, DBA Madam Chino: Eco-Fashion Designer, Reuse Entrepreneur, Community Educator

Address: UWM Union Concourse
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd
Milwaukee WI 53201
Phone: 414-303-1981
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In commencement of Earth Week on Monday April 21st 2014, UW Milwaukee will sponsor The 9th Annual “EARTH DAY RUNWAY with Madam Chino and Friends,” a fashion show held consecutively at High Noon and again at 12:30 PM in the UWM Union Concourse. The high energy spring fashion event showcases Madam Chino's Milwaukee-Made Eco-Friendly Men and Women's Spring 2014 Collection by veteran local eco-designer/seamstress Vanessa Devaki Andrew, along side student-work of her sewing classes, held tri-annually at the UWM Studio Arts and Craft Centre.

Music will be performed by the Drummers of the UWM Dance Department in association with De La Buena. Hair and make-up by Fabrizio Cappeli Salon on East Brady Street. Enjoy the show on a full runway, with chair seating, balcony standing, and shop fair-market booths with local artists selling handmade and up-cycled wares.

Madam Chino has been creating eco-conscious wearables for men and women of rescued t-shirts, flannels, and vintage fabrics for over 14 years in Milwaukee. Purchase the works constructed locally from 100% recycled T-shirts on the newly published or find her traveling showcase through out Milwaukee this summer for unique recycled items. Madam Chino’s LOOK NOOK is the official showroom open by appointment at 100A E. Pleasant Street on the 3rd floor of the Milwaukee Fortress building 53212. View the work by visiting the following links!

{FACEBOOK} Event Invite // Shop Page

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

{ONE TRICK PONY} Vintage Flea in MKE

Saturday April 6th is the premier of One Trick Pony, a one day only Vintage Flea Market happening at the new Anodyne Roastery in Milwaukee's 5th Ward on Bruce Street between 2nd and 3rd street. 10am-4pm. 224 Bruce Street, MKE, WI

Join the fun and shop Rigattiere, Madam Chino's Vintage Online Shop (Italian for 2nd-Hand Dealer), along side of a handful of Milwaukee's top freelance and online based MKE 2nd-Hand and Vintage collectors in shopping a smorgasbord of goodies from fashion to housewares. Shopping used IS sustainable fashion.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{CALL FOR MODELS} 9th Annual 2014 Ed. of Earth Day Runway with Madam Chino and Friends!

Please join us for another great year of EARTH DAY RUNWAY with Madam Chino

WHO: US!!!
WHERE: UWM UNION CONCOURSE, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd, directly inside from the circle drive
WHEN: Earth Day! Monday April 21st, 2014! Show starts NOON Sharp, runs consecutively again at 12:30PM. Please see below details for backstage show schedule!
WHY: Earth Day!!! High Fives!!! Free accessories!!! Clothing Discounts!!! Sewing Repairs!!!


Madam Chino will follow up with each interested participant to gather size info for clothing and shoes, as well as to make fitting appointments!

PARKING: come early, get dropped off, bike/walk or bring a friend who can help if you are bringing a lot of stuff, it IS hard to park, lot gets full around 9:30 maybe.
Doors open early! Feel free to come as early as you want to get situated. I will be on site by 9am at the latest to commence arrangements!

-9:00am: Early arrival and set up
-9:30am: Earliest models, Hair and make-up starts
-10:00am: Latest Sellers and Artists arrive
-10:45am: Sellers Booth set-up
-11:00am: Latest models, props
-11:15am: Roll call, Handshakes
-11:45am: Line up 1
-11: 59am: Drum roll
-HIGH NOON: Show 1
-12:15pm: Group picture outside/quick break
-12:25pm: Line up 2
-12:30pm: Show 2
-12:45pm: Show
-1:00pm: Break-down
-2:00pm: Post-show GET-ALONG at BBC!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

{T-SHIRT DRIVE} Drop-Off/Pick-Up in MKE WI

If you live in the Milwaukee Wisconsin USA area and are doing a little spring closet cleaning, please consider separating and donating your preloved t-shirts to our cause! We are doing two drop off dates at Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK and also making appointments for pick-up by email at and check out our facebook event here

Madam Chino has been creating sustainable fashions from used t-shirts with ergonomic, little-to-no-waste designs since 2003 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. That's over 10 years! Visit our web shop to see what we've been up to!
Please read through this important infographic below created by about the impact of T-shirts on the waste stream with facts from the EPA.
Mind Your Waste

Monday, February 24, 2014

{MADAM CHINO in MIAMI} Crystal in our "Long Armhole Tank"

Madam Chino creates sustainable fashion from 100% recycled T-shirts.
The "Long Armhole Tank" is available in a variety of colors at
Model: Crystal Jasmine Fernandez
View the entire set HERE

Saturday, February 1, 2014

{WEBSHOP LAUNCH!} Live Now!!! is now live with webshop full of clothing and accessories 100% USA-Made from recycled T-shirts.

Eco, sustainable, and ethical fashion industries are rooted and growing, ground-up across the globe with increased awareness of the ongoing atrocities caused by fast fashion. Textile recycling is the oldest form of recycling and yet has the least implemented programs in current US municipalities. 11 million tons of textiles are thrown in actual trashes each year, making up 5.2% of our solid waste in the USA.

Madam Chino shares a complex and original USA-Made Brand that is constructed completely of recycled t-shirt textiles. Hand-chosen materials are sourced from a USA textile sorting facility and transformed with inventive reuse and skilled labor, into artful wearable forms with little-to-no waste. The brand offers a reclaim program for used Madam Chino garments, accepts local donations of T-shirt fabrics, and provides new styles and colors seasonally.

The USA-made ethically created fashion label of Vanessa Devaki Andrew, 32 year old reuse entrepreneur, welcomes the next decade of the brand with a user-friendly website offering a wide variety of apparel products created from 100% recycled T-shirts handmade to order; incorporating unprecedented product quality and quantity control for the field of one-of-a-kind handmade garments using up-cycled post-consumer textiles. For eco-friendly shoppers, the Madam Chino E-tail experience offers a unique opportunity to purchase classic and trendy jersey-knit active and casual wear and accessories in multiple sizes and colors, both wholesale and individually, all while diverting and converting waste into useable recycled forms at a fair and affordable price.

Vanessa in Madam Chino
Vanessa herself shown wearing a Choptop Crop Top and Basic Biker Shorts

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

All the Best,
Madam Chino

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

{LINDSEY in MADAM CHINO} Webshop Product Shots

Our lovely lady Lindsey came into the studio and shot a few pieces. Oh how we love her! Can't wait to release our website this Saturday!!! See you soon. Check out her photo set HERE
Lindsey in Madam Chino

Madam Chino

Monday, January 20, 2014

{WEB SHOP} Progress Report

The Madam Chino web-shop catalogues and chronicles every detail of each post-consumer t-shirt product we produce: collecting and archiving visual and mathematical information on all aspects of each item including both measurements of size, shape, color, wear and fit, as well as time measurements on production tasks to create fair individual and wholesale pricing. We are tracking a lot of information! Have a look at our spreadsheet and all the tabs:
Maniacal spreadsheet action
While no small task and with thoroughness a must, we are working on closing the gaps on most of our unfinished data so that we may present the public with our eco-sustainable recycled t-shirt wearables on February 1st 2014 at high noon.

Here is an example of our product color overlay alongside the colorspreads showing our products in multiple color choices.
Each product also contains a number of model shots! We are currently working on producing and curating each of these images for our web shop and PDF look book!

We will continue to add new and updated products often and seasonally until we are so exhausted we become our own compost. Please stay tuned, bookmark our shop early on the web and our blog too, follow us on instagram, twitter, and like us on Facebook


view a few of our web product model photo shoots HERE, HERE, HERE

We sincerely appreciate all of your interest and support in creating unique, accessible, affordable fashion from post-consumer products.

All the Best,
Madam Chino

Monday, January 13, 2014

{ORANGE CRUSH} poppin'

Madam Chino is T-Shirt recycling. Photos for our soon to be fully accessible web shop. See our full set HERE

Model: Stephanie Renee Alderson
Photo/Styling: Vanessa Devaki Andrew

Pictured: High Waisted Hot Shorts, Crop Top, Drug Tug, T-Pom Necklet, Hair-Bow Band


Madam Chino

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Hover Craft in its 4th year was a bigger success than imagined, despite the snow, which started at load in and didn't stop all day.

Here is a quick clip through the windows at 10am

Hover Craft was at Turner Hall this year. The most amazing venue with an Old Milwaukee feeling. We had lights, and banners, and bunting aglow!
Hovercraft 2013
Hovercraft 2013

By the time the doors opened there was 3" on the ground of light fluffy snow that was not easy to drive in. But people were still lining up for a swag bag!
Hovercraft 2013

There were amazing food and coffee vendors, impressive crafts of all kinds. There also was a make-n-take in balcony featuring Paper Polyhedra Ornaments!

This wise woman purchased one of the Madam Chino rescued T-shirt dresses featuring Crate and Barrel satin napkins as the skirting!

Shouts out to these lovely ladies, who make work a pleasure. Check out their work from left to right...
Ashley Smith, Madam Chino, Alyssa Schulte, Cortney Heimerl

Check out the whole set, photos by MIKE G on cortney's page HERE

Check out the HOVERCRAFT BLOG and sign up for our mailing list to stay informed on Hover Craft for next year!

Madam Chino

Saturday, November 16, 2013

{HOLIDAY ROUND-UP} Look Nook in Season

While the year makes a mad dash for the finish line, we are getting ready for the many events purveying locally-sourced holiday gifts. Without alluding to being santa's elves themselves, we'll admit to their same "work hard/play hard" philosophy.
It's a #party in here #happy #friday #tgif

We put the finishing touches on 10 new Women's Midwestern Hoodies, six of which are being sold in conjunction with the Madam Chino Men's Collection at Third Coast Style in Milwaukee Wi
100% #recycled & #USA-made

Here's a shortlist of the events Madam Chino has in the line up for you, in order of appearance:
1. ART VS CRAFT The grand finale at Harley Museum
2. PAPER MOON a fashion illustration show of works at Third Coast Style in downtown Milwaukee
3. HOVERCRAFT The 4th Annual maker's event at Turner Hall Ballroom
4. GIFT SHOP A holiday pop-up gift shop boutique at Look Nook for last minute shoppers

Madam Chino has been participating in Art Vs. Craft for each of it's 10 years, either as a solo act or with Fasten Collective starting in 2003. An incredible show that will be truly irreplaceable in the urban makers economy, not to be missed!
Art vs Craft on the web: ART VS CRAFT's BLOG
Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 10.37.50 AM

As a visual artist working in fashion, drawing as a medium isn't lost in the sheets. Bringing a warm hand-drawn feel to digital graphic art and fashion illustration, with limited edition 8.5 x 11 inch Giclee Prints available on reserve through January. Come to the Gallery Night opening if you miss the holiday bustle on Friday January 17th 2014 5pm-7pm

Hover Craft is a friendly holiday bazaar for emerging and seasoned local makers alike. This year's event is at Turner Hall on Sunday December 8th from noon-6pm. Check out our amazing vendor list at the HOVERCRAFT BLOG
Here is the image for our locally donated prize-filled swag bags available to our 1st 50 shoppers! Come early! Didn't get a swag bag? First 100 shoppers get a prize Community Coupon with many amazing specials from local businesses just for you!
Show us what you're making or what you've bought at #hovercraftmke. Stay tuned to @madamchino on instagram for the updates on the cardboard cut out animals, make-n-take booth, signage, and community coupon!

Don't be worried about last minute little gifts for friends and family, we have you covered, literally, with our 2-day pop-up that includes free gift wrap! Stocked with weather-wear utility and affordability, we refuse to leave you in the cold!
GIFT SHOPrast_flat

As we say to our unfinished garments,
"See you on the flip"

Madam Chino